Levels of Care

Hospice of the Midwest wants to ensure that our patients are getting the level of care that they need to be as comfortable as possible. There are four levels of hospice care available to patients and families based on the medical condition of the patient. Though patients spend most of their hospice time receiving routine care, other choices are available as necessary to treatment. Our team of professionals works with each patient and family to coordinate the level of care that will be most beneficial to them. Hospice levels of care include:

 Routine Home Care – Intermittent care that is provided where your loved one lives

Inpatient Care – Care that is provided at a hospital or another type of inpatient facility for short-term stays to control symptoms or pain

 Continuous Care – Crisis care that is provided around the clock, when your loved one requires close skilled attention to manage acute medical symptoms

Respite Care – Care provided to your loved one in long-term care facility setting for up to 5 days when you, your family members, or other caregivers need rest