This Iowa family was happy to learn they could receive an extra layer of support with hospice services provided in Grandma’s current nursing home.

Hospice of the Midwest gave Grandma the same special care and attention I was giving her.

It was exactly what I hoped for: care for Grandma by dedicated, unhurried, loving professionals with an appreciation for family and an understanding of small-town Iowa. Hospice of the Midwest handled every detail of Grandma’s care so that we were able to spend our time celebrating Grandma. With the help of hospice, our memories of Grandma are positive ones. We will remember her for how she was: a beloved farmer’s wife who could drive a tractor, bake the best bread, and host an unforgettable happy hour.



They did the work for us!

Hospice of the Midwest is a one-stop shop for hospice care in Iowa. They coordinated all of the care, services, and equipment our father needed, including medications and supplies. They did all the work for us! We relaxed and spent time with Dad.



There’s no place like home for Hospice Care

Home is where Mom wanted to be. She was tired of hospitals, and though unable to talk, wrote a clear message on her white board: “I want to die at home with Sam (her 14-year-old Tabby cat) beside me.” Our family called Hospice of the Midwest, and from the beginning, their staff was available when we needed them. When Mom’s breathing became labored, the nurse provided comfort measures and reassured Mom, saying “Relax, Kathy, it’s not time yet.” When it was time, the hospice staff was there for her, ensuring as peaceful a death as possible. They were also there for us, even helping to find food and lodging for extended family. The bereavement coordinator remains in touch with us today. We are so thankful to Hospice of the Midwest for supporting us through this difficult time and for allowing Mom to spend her last days at home with Sam and the rest of her family.



Grandma felt better after initiating hospice care…

Maybe it was the kind and competent nurse, or maybe it was the hospice volunteers delivering sweet Iowa Treats, but Mom survived this year. Hospice of the Midwest focused on her comfort and quality of life, and she got better! The chaplain, nurse and other hospice staff visited several times each week. Hospice worked with our family’s doctor to change her treatment plan, and hospice provided her with extra therapy like music and singing. Grandma’s spirits began to improve and made her want to live life again. It wasn’t her time to go, and for that we are grateful. We now have a clearer picture of services available in Central Iowa and just how invaluable hospice can be.