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Hospice of the Midwest Blog

Our Edina Office Mural

The Story of the Mural

On the wall of the conference room in the Hospice of the Midwest Edina office is a beautiful mural. This mural was inspired by one of our volunteers, Dennis, who embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage in 2022. He walked many miles over several countries with barely anything more than a backpack.

The Edina office had been open for only a couple months and our Volunteer Coordinator and Patient Care Manager wanted to add something to the wall that helped remind staff why we are in hospice. When Dennis returned from his travels, he shared pictures and stories of his journey. These stories inspired the idea of the mural.

Creating the Mural

The mural is an actual picture of what Dennis saw during his journey. Using paint, he projected the picture on the wall, drawing and painting as accurately as he could.

The Meaning Behind It

This mural represents our patients on their journey. Some are closer together, some are further along, and some areas of the path are smooth while others are bumpy, uphill, or downhill.

Each person on the path represents a person on service at Hospice of the Midwest, and each dove represents a person who has passed while receiving our hospice care. Names of these individuals are painted on the back side of the dove.

Our team is honored to have been chosen to care for these patients and for the opportunity to support them throughout their journey.

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