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Meet Our Carroll Caregivers | Joy Vannahme

We’re Keeping It Local – Look for the Purple Scrubs!

Hospice of the Midwest is proud to serve the town of Carroll, Iowa and its surrounding communities. We are dedicated to providing exceptional in-home hospice care and pride ourselves on our local caregivers. We would love for the Carroll community to get to know our team better (although many of you might know some of these ladies), so please read on to learn more about Hospice of the Midwest nurse, Joy.

Meet Joy Vannahme

Also born and raised in Carroll, Joy Vannohme understands more than anyone that in a tight-knit community you care for one another and show respect for your fellow community members who treat each other like family. Through working with Hospice of the Midwest, Joy is able to give back to her community in the most caring of ways. “It is a privilege to be able to educate patients and their families and to act as a stronghold for them; whether that being someone for them to cry on, hug, or just be near.” Joy has been a nurse for two years and with Hospice of the Midwest as an RN Case Manager for one year now. She is dedicated to supporting both the patients and their families through what could be the hardest time of their lives. Offering this support allows Joy to ensure everyone is comfortable by knowing what each step of the process entails and what to expect. “We have an amazing team. It’s not just because of how amazing our nurses are – we have massage, music therapy, and other services that go above and beyond for everybody. Even if it’s a weekend, I know I can call a social worker and she’ll give me the answer I indeed. We are a family. We are all dedicated to the patients on every level.” If you or anyone you know is in need of hospice services in the Carroll area, please contact Hospice of the Midwest at (641) 332-3006.
We would love to give a shout out to the Carroll Chamber of Commerce, as their beautiful building made a great spot to snap some photos of our employees! Their website offers fantastic resources regarding local events, shopping, businesses within the Carroll community, and more. Check it out!

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